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Stories about the early settlers
Some photos of interest
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As you know James Smithson gave a large amount of money to the U.S. government for the purpose of "preserving and the diffusion of knowledge." This led to creation of the Library of Congress.

We seek to bring together those people interested in history and especially in the history of the Central Lake area. The society's major function is to discover and collect materials which may help to establish and illustrate the history of the area. The society will provide for the preservation of this material and for its accessibility.


This site has been inactive for some time due to a billing problem.

The most important news at this point is that the next meeting will be on Nov. 18 at the District Library at 7 p.m. There will be NO meeting in December.

The log-in problem at the bank has been solved and I can now check transactions on-line fairly easily.

We're still hoping to find an antique wood burning kitchen range. Any ideas? We've got a wood ice-box to replace the refrigerator with.

Our financial situation is quite sound, thanks to an anonymous donation of $3,000 to reside the garage and a stunning amount of gifts in memory of Marvel Eckhardt. Dues received have increased substantially as well.


Thanks to the miserable weather, the young gentlemen in Gary Johnson's shop class haven't been able to finish re-siding the garage but progress IS being made.


I have added a few photos to the photo album that were published about 20 years ago. They portray a much earlier Central Lake. I hope you take a look.

How's this for a picture of an early settler. Cyrenius Powers was born in 1816, came to Central Lake in 1864 and died in 1879. Theoretically, this picture should be in the photo album but apparently, since this is a free web-site, I've reached my limit there. Incidentally, in the Spring there will be at the Knowles House a book containing a genealogy report on Cyrenius and several other early settlers. Some of these reports contain photos hard to find.

Here's another. Mary was married three times. Her maiden name was Havelick. Her first marriage was to a Wolverton, then to Cyrenius Powers and, after he died to J. R. Child.

We hope you will join the Society. We need all the great ideas and willing hands you can provide.

Please come back and visit again!